Ellen Chiu, a Toronto native, began her career as a journalist and photo editor working in the media industry. After six years of assigning and editing pictures for the International New York Times (formerly the International Herald Tribune) and Bloomberg News in Hong Kong, Ellen relocated to Frankfurt and then settled in New York City, where her independent fine jewelry company is now based.

Her namesake jewelry collection, launched in 2019, began as a personal endeavor to express her connection to her family despite living overseas. When both of Ellen's parents were diagnosed with devastating illnesses, these first pieces became an important and necessary token of love and luck for her family.

The drive to create was always encouraged in her family. While a love of photography has been passed down from her grandfather to her father, Ellen was also inspired by her mother, a talented dressmaker who sewed and knitted clothing. Her first collection references this with a three-diamond motif alluding to the holes of a button.

From a young age, Ellen has loved jewelry and the thrilling promise of discovery in looking through her mother's pieces, and she has always made her own - from beads and polymer clay, to silver and semi-precious stones.

Today, Ellen's jewelry designs are rendered in gold, silver, precious and semi-precious gems. Timeless yet thoroughly modern, each piece is handcrafted and made to order in New York City’s famed Diamond District by skilled artisans.

Ellen resides in Manhattan with her partner, Tom, and their dog, Scout.