Jewelry Care

Each piece is thoughtfully designed and meticulously handcrafted. Over time, jewelry may discolor due to contact with the skin's natural oils and exposure to the environment. To ensure the beauty of your jewelry endures, please follow these guidelines:

  • limit tarnishing by wiping jewelry gently with a soft cloth after use and store jewelry in an airtight plastic bag or container when not in use
  • apply cosmetics, lotions, hair products, and fragrances before putting on jewelry
  • remove prior to household chores and the use of abrasive cleaners/chemicals, which may discolor the metal and erode the finish
  • avoid wearing jewelry at the beach, while swimming or exercising as this may cause damage to the pieces and loosen stones/settings
  • exposure to soap and water may cause residue buildup in fine crevices over time
  • limit contact with rough surfaces and remove for sleeping to slow down general wear and tear